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DJ ALISHA RECORD REVISIT: Destroyer - City of Daughters

Its time for another edition of DJ Alisha's Record Revisit. This is where I re-review an album from my record collection that I haven't listened to in years and you vote on which one I review!

So you had a choice of albums from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Galaxie 500 and Destroyer. You chose Destroyer.

Artist: Destroyer
Album: City of Daughters
Label: Triple Crown Audio
Year: 1998

A few things before I review this. My love affair with Destroyer started when his album Thief came out in January 2000 and Radio 1190 made it their "CD of the Month." I loved this album so much I went to Wax Trax when it was still around on the hill to get the rest of his music.

Oh and if you don't know, Destroyer is a project of Canadian artist Dan Bejar and Dan Bejar is also a member of The New Pornographers and Hello, Blue Roses and probably some other groups that you can find when you google him.


I'm a few songs in and its definitely a lot more stripped down than Thief (which is just what I will compare it against, since its my favorite). But there's a good balance of instrumentation and vocals, which I like so that his lyrics don't get lost in the music. Its very sparse and lo-fi. Its great.

Songs I'm diggin' on: "The Space Race" is really upbeat and poppy, "Comments on the World As Will" is pretty and "I Want This Cyclops" is just a really great song. "You Were So Cruel" is pretty good too, its both a lot of reverb and stripped down at at the same time. I really like his songwriting on "State of the Union." The closing track "Son of the Earth" is a perfect ending to a really great album.

Dan Bejar has long been an indie crush of mine. Last year (well I guess end of 2007) when I saw The New Pornographers in concert he was wearing a scarf and just looked so handsome and dapper, but had this messy hair that was so fitting for how I wanted him to look--- he would hang out backstage, but then when it was a song that he was a part of, he'd come onstage, sing and then leave. SO COOL (hee hee)! I actually thought he was looking like a younger version of Tim Burton. But I'm not an "all looks" kind of girl, I love voices, and that's why I'll always love Dan Bejar and his project Destroyer.

So City of Daughters is a great record, but I must say I love Thief more. I love Theif more because the songs are more poppy and I'm a pop girl. But there's no denying how great of a songwriter Bejar is and what an incredibly well-written and poetic album this is. Give City of Daughters a listen, then Thief... if you've never listened to Destroyer before or not too much or not in a long time like me, you may find yourself wanting to go on a Destroyer kick!

Here's some of my City of Daughters faves-

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