Monday, March 2, 2009

DJ ALISHA: High Five

Hi, How Are You?

DJ Alisha here... how was your weekend?

I used to do a feature years back when I dj'd the morning show called "High Five" where I'd feature five things in the world of pop culture that I loved each week. So I thought with the new 1190 blog, I'd start it up again.

From me to you... let's share a HIGH FIVE! This week I'm lovin' on:
1)Ricardo Baca's Denver Post article yesterday featuring our very own DJ and Music Director Katherine! Baca says this of her graduating this year: "she should also get an honorary degree in independent music study," and I totally agree! We love her around here.

2)My "Holy Ba Jesus" dress designed by Leanne Marshall, who apparently won Project Runway last season. Its cute cute cute and H-O-T! Now I need to find the perfect shoes to wear with it...

3)The brand new book I got for Valentine's Day, Daniel Johnston. I like how it doesn't refer to Daniel as an outsider artist, which I often find myself calling him to people who don't know who he is. The book features his amazing artwork as early as his high school years and the print quality is so good, it almost seems as if you were at a gallery looking at the original. Also in the book- a great interview with Daniel, plus an equally awesome essay from Jad Fair and other folks. The book came out last month and its SOOO good!

4)Watching episodes of Doctor Who. I love Netflix On Demand! I sometimes watched the original Doctor Who series on tv as a youngster, but didn't really get into it. But now I'm enjoying episodes of the 21st-century remake! I just finished the first season and had a lot of fun it. I'll be starting season two when I can. FYI: Christopher Eccleston who plays the Doctor in this season is going to be in the live-action G.I. Joe film as Destro out this summer!

5)Neko Case's new album Middle Cyclone. It comes out tomorrow, but of course you can listen to clips online and we've been bumping it in our rotation at the radio station for the last week or so! You should request "Next Time You Say Forever" on our request line, the song shows off her super-awesome song writing skills. In a recent interview of hers I read, she brags about being into quilting and that she got the idea for many of her songs on this new album in her dreams. Her dreams were filled with tornadoes (hence the weather reference in her album title) and in one of her dreams a tornado talked to her and asked if she would read him a book. This is her first album in three years and it sounds real nice.

We should talk... what are you into right now? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!



  1. i want to create a love child with neko case!

  2. also, Katherine rocks!

  3. I know one of the New Pornographers, I'll see if I can hook you up! <3